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Shingle Patterns

Shingle Designs

Roof Shingle Layout Patterns

Shingle Patterns.jpg
Shake in Diamond.jpg

NOTE:  Some patterns take more than one square to cover 100 square feet.  The Connecticut pattern takes about 1.3 squares.


For those who are not comfortable with nail installation, here is a way to install Reinke Shakes with screws. Just lap the right side, with the flat area, over the left side of the next shingle and use one rubber washer screw per shingle. The same screws used for steel sheets.

LTS Shingles 6.JPG

Shakes ( 1976 - 2018 style ) Instructions

ROOFING:  For a faster installation, instead of interlaying each row with 18" felt, simply install a high quality ( 50 mill or thicker ) Ice & Water shield over the entire roof and then the shingles without the additional felt.

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