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Reinke Shakes Metal Roofing Accessories


The lower edge of the roof uses our roll-formed drip edge.  The rake simply has the shingles bent over the edge and nailed in, or use our rake trim.  The hip and ridge caps are the same shingles just turned 90 degrees and bent over the top like asphalt shingles.

Drip Edge Molding For Roofs

The drip edge molding is roll-formed for uniformity.  

It has two flanges and can be installed with either flange down, depending on how much of an edge you wish to cover.  Drip edge comes in 8 foot lengths.


We ship these in plastic tubes to prevent damage, unless you request all the product to ship in one of our 6 foot crates.  Then you will get 6 foot pieces.

Rake Edge Treatment For Roofs

Rake Treatement


Reinke Shakes are easily bent over the edge of the roof, for the rake, to create a beautiful finished edge.


Some of our colors make this edge look like a tile roof.

drip edge aluminum molding
aluminum coil stock

Coil Stock


Reinke Shakes coil is painted BEFORE the shingles are stamped.  This is proof of just how TOUGH our finishes are.   Coil stock is available in rolls up to 50 foot for use in valleys and anywhere custom trim or flashing is needed.

Wall Flashing.JPG

Wall Flashing


Reinke Shakes wall flashing is bent obtuse to keep pressure against walls and prevent leaks when pushed tight and nailed into place.

Reinke Shakes Snow Guards are color matched to blend in with the roof.  They are also very strong to minimize ice and snow slides.  Snow Guards attach with steel sheeting screws, commonly used on roofing tin.


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