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Reinke Shakes L T  ( Life Time ) Shingles.


New in 2019.  Larger, stronger, and faster to install.


Miami / Dade Florida Hurricane Approved.      Guaranteed to never blow off. 


Guaranteed to Not Leak From Hail.          See Our Warranty for Full Details.

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Size: Standard - 13" wide x 16 1/2" high. Exposure is 12 1/2" x 16". Optional - any height up to 48 1/2 inches.
Twenty gage ( .030 ) Aluminum, or 16 ounce real Copper.
Weight: 58 pounds per square (aluminum). 138 pounds per square (copper) Packaging: 1/2 square (36 shingles) to a bundle. 30 squares to a pallet.

Use: Roofing, Siding, Ceiling and Interior Design Work.
Designed for homes and commercial structures that face adverse weather conditions. Withstands hurricanes, tornadoes and large hail. Ideally suited for installation on geodesic dome structures and irregular shaped roofs. Shingles can be arranged in patterns for attractive store fronts. MIN. 2 - 12 pitch.

Composition and Materials: REINKE SHAKES consist of recycled metal in an aluminum alloy .030 thick or solid 16 ounce copper. Both are available smooth or stucco embossed, and tightly corrugated to a height of .400
inches. Corrugations are 1/2" apart. Coated shingles use a baked-on fluorocarbon, or equivalent, finish on the face and wash coat on the reverse. Copper shingles have no coating and will gain a patina over time.

Colors: Natural Aluminum, Battalion Grey (Light), Cedar Shake (2-tone), Slate Grey (Dark), Umber Brown, Rustic Red, Prairie Gold, Forest Green. Also available in solid 16 oz. hard copper. REINKE SHAKE LT's can be stucco embossed or smooth, and have a 10% ~ 20% gloss finish. Samples can be found at

Accessories: Same color as the shingles: Valley. Drip edge. Rake edge. Wall flashing. Snow guards. Attachment: 1 1/2" ring shank, double dipped zinc and color coated, coilated nails, for use in air-nailers. Dent Resistance: Can be walked on, or even driven on without damage.
Fire Test: U.L. Class B as is. Can be installed to U.L. Class A over Desdeck or Versashield.

Hail Resistance: UL 2218 Class 4, and Reinke Shakes own Class 5.
Hurricane Zone: Passed hurricane tests in 2019.
Leakage Resistance: Tested and passed 8.8" of water per hour with 110 mph wind on a 2 - 12 pitch. 12-26-18
Life Expectancy: 60+ years
Noise: Very low.
R-Value: 0.9 Radiant Heat Reflection: 94.5% depending on color.
Recyclable: YES
U.L. Listed: YES
Wind Resistance: Guaranteed to NEVER blow off.
Wind Uplift Resistance: Exceeds hurricane minimums. Tested to 330 psf at which point the plywood substrate failed.

Nov. 2018

Installation: Entire roof is covered with 50 mil Ice & Water Shield. No special accessories required. Must be installed over 5/8" minimum solid sheeting, and air nailed in place with ring shank nails. Use 50 year roof sealer where sealer is needed. Lap and offset marks are on every shingle.
Complete instructions on this website,

Warranty: LIFE-TIME Limited, transferrable,
Guaranteed to never blow off. Guaranteed to never leak from hail. Coating is warrantied by the coil supplier.
Complete warranty available on request,
and on this website:

* Underwriters Laboratories R8491 HUD FHA * HUD approved
* FHA approved
* UL LISTED File R8491

* UL 997 wind uplift rated
* UL 790 fire rated Class B as-is, Class A over Densdeck or Verashield. * UL 1897 wind uplift
* UL 2218 Class 4 hail rating, and Reinke Shakes Class 5.

* Miami / Dade Florida Approved  # FL30521

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