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Compact stacking, Reinke shingles are ideal for ocean freight to Hawaii.


We ship most of our product by UPS, one half square of shingles to a box.

UPS delivers to your door, or the job site, and unloads them for you.

No need to arrange a forklift to unload Reinke Shakes

( Call For Shipping Rates and Options: 402-768-7251 )


Freight shipping is available as well, in our wooden crates.  Each crate is approximately 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 6 ft. and holds about 40 squares.  The light crate weighs 145 lbs., and the heavy crate (used for copper or international shipments) weighs 180 lbs.   Light crate is $250. Heavy crate is $375.


We can also palletize and shrink wrap up to 30 squares to a pallet,

for an additional charge.    30 square pallet is 42" x 42" x 28" high.


Drip and rake molding is shipped in plastic PVC tubes to prevent damage.


You are welcome to come to our factory in Hebron and pickup our products yourself, but please call ahead to schedule the pick up.    The shipping manager can be reached at 402-768-7251  8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CST.

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We can crate the shingles for truck or overseas shipping.


We double wrap the bundles for UPS shipping.

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Shingles that last.     We place 30 squares of Reinke Shakes to a pallet.

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