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From 1976 to April 2019, we manufactured our shingles from thinner material and in a smaller size.  We still have some inventory of these shingles.  Below is the technical data for them. 

Shingles that last.  These shingles have been installed on roofs for over 40 years.  40 years later they still look like new.

Our Metal Shake Shingles Are Made To Last!






Aluminum roofing shingle tightly corrugated for ultimate strength.

Can be walked and even driven on.

Basic Use:

Designed for adverse weather conditions. Withstands hurricanes, tornadoes and large hail. Use for residential and commercial.  Ideally suited for installation on geodesic dome structures and irregular shaped roofs.  Shingles can be arranged in pattern for attractive store fronts.  MIN. 2 - 12 pitch.  

May be used for siding.  Can be used in areas where there is direct salt spray, proven by 15 years of pulling a display trailer down salty highways with Reinke Shakes for siding.


Must be installed dirctly over solid sheeting, or over dens decking, over solid sheeting.  Care must be taken to avoid scratching the surface during installation.  REINKE SHAKES should not be used in areas of high abrasion or subject to mechanical damage.

Composition and Materials:

REINKE SHAKES consists of 3003 or 3105 alloy (previously 5010) aluminum, H254 or H24 or H38 temper, .020 gauge stucco embossed to .025 and tightly corrugated to a height of .400 inches. Corrugations are 1/2" apart.  Each shingle has 3 prepunched nail holes.  Fluorocarbon finished on face and wash coat on reverse.  Several standard colors are available.

Aluminum is 99% recycled material.


12 3/8" wide X 10" high.  Exposed area is 12" wide X 8" high.


Natural Aluminum, Bahama White, Batalion Grey (Light), Slate Grey (Dark), Buckskin Tan, Umber Brown, Rust Red, Roman Gold, Forest Green, Tahoe Blue.  Also available in solid 12 oz. hard copper. REINKE SHAKES are stucco embossed and have a semi-gloss finish, except the solid copper and natural aluminum.



Per Square:

46 pounds, 150 shingles, 1 1/10 rolls of 18" - #15 felt.  450 nails, 1 3/4" ring shank, double dipped.


Less than composite shingles.



Radiant Heat Reflection:


Wind Resistance:

Exceeded 150 mph in Dade County Florida tests (1978)

Wind Uplift Resistance:

138 lbs. per square foot.

Hail Resistance:

UL 2218 Class 4

Leakage Resistance:

Passed 1.5" per hour for 5 hours with 60 mph wind on 2 1/2 - 12 pitch.

Fire Test:

Can be installed to U.L. Class A.

U.L. Listed:


Life Expectancy:

50+ years



Accessories Needed:

(3 only) Shingles. Valley. Drip edge.



Install in a manner similar to wood shakes. Each row is interlayed with 18" - #15 or #30 felt, or the entire roof is covered with 50 mil Ice & Water Shield.  REINKE SHAKES can be cut by scoring and bending.  Shingle is bent to form rake of roof.   Shingle is bent to form ridge and hip of roof.  No special accessories required.  Must be installed over 1/2" minimum solid sheeting and hand nailed in place with 1 3/4" ring shank nails.  Color matched valley flashing and drip edge available.  Use 50 year roof sealer where sealer is needed.  Lap and offset marks are on every shingle.  Nail holes are pre-punched.  Instructions on every bundle.




REINKE SHAKES are generally shipped to any job site within ten days of receiving the order in Hebron, Nebraska, U.S.A.  Special orders and orders over 500 square of one color may be delayed up to 12 weeks.


Cost varies with the price of aluminum.  Cost over a 50 year life of REINKE SHAKES is considerably lower than composition shingles.  For specific costs contact: Reinke Shakes Inc., 210 S. 4th Street, Hebron, Nebraska, U.S.A. 68370 - (402) 365-7521, Fax (402) 768-6180, or click prices / order form.



50 Year limited, transferrable; against water leakage, 120 mph wind, and 1 1/2" hail.  Coating is warrantied by the coil supplier.  Complete warranty available on request.



Maintenance should not be required during the life of the warranty.  Should cleaning be desired, this can be accomplished with laundry detergent and water (1/2 cup per gallon of water).  A clear water rinse should follow.



Technical services, detail manuals, and color samples are available from Reinke Shakes.



Underwriters Laboratories R8491 HUD FHA.
Underwriters Laboratories #2218 Hail.

 HUD approved

 FHA approved

 UL LISTED  File R8491 

 UL 997 wind uplift  rated 

 UL 790 fire rated 

 UL 2218 Class 4 hail rating 


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