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1976-2018 Reinke Shakes

These are being phased out.

Reinke Shakes LT shingles

Lifetime shingles

Reinke Shakes costs LESS in the long run, than conventional shingles.

$   Reinke Shakes qualify for insurance discounts.   $

$   Reinke Shakes save on utility costs.   $

$   Reinke Shakes increase the resale value of your home.   $

 Orders are generally shipped out in 10 days or less. 


Enter and print a self-calculating excel order form, or

print a PDF or jpeg form, by dragging it to your desktop or just selecting it.  


on our original 1976-2018 shingles while supplies last.

Only $120 per square !

L T  Lifetime shingles.

2021 Old Shgl PL.jpg
24 Jan Shakes LT Price.jpg

Original Shingles   ( as of 1/23/24 )

Available colors are:  Natural Silver- 5.5 squares, Rustic Red- 5 squares, Bahama White- 27 squares,

Forest Green- 95 squares, Tahoe Blue- 7 squares, Real Copper- 2.5 squares.


( We also have some shingles in a 10 inch wide version of the old style )

Call 402-768-7251 for current inventory



1.  We send out a free information package that has pieces of actual shingles in all of the colors.


2.  We will send you 3 full sized aluminum shingles for $25.00, including shipping.


3.  We will send you 1 full sized copper shingle for $25.00, including shipping.


Reinke Shakes div. of Jame Kari LLC, may offer discounts,

 based on the following guideline minimums:



1.  In the last 24 months, including this order, you purchased  50 squares:    5%  Discount on materials.


2.  In the last 24 months, including this order, you purchased 100 squares:   10% Discount on materials.


3.  In the last 24 months, including this order, you purchased 200 squares:   20% Discount on materials.


4.  In all previous years,  including this order, you purchased 300 squares:    30% Discount on materials.



You owe $0.00  ( ZERO ) on all past and current orders.




You pay up front for the current order.




You and/or your company has no bad credit rating, multiple complaints, or undesirable issues, that in the opinion of Reinke Shakes div. of Jame Kari LLC, is cause for refusing any discount or transaction.

SHIPPING RATES:  Are based on our costs, OR

You may arrange your own shipping.    Click on the 'SHIPPING' page for more details.

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