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Reinke Shakes uses aluminum coil stock that is 99% or more recycled aluminum.  There are no tars or asphalts used in their shingles. Scraps are highly recyclable, as well as the entire roof, should it’s use ever become discontinued.  We recycle all drop-off material.

We use only MAZE nails.  Maze nails are made from certified recycled steel, or copper, with part of the MAZE factory’s power coming from a hydroelectric plant.  Maze recycles all waste metal and uses recycled materials in their packaging.  Using Maze nails will earn you points toward LEED for homes certification.

The Reinke Shakes factory has always had a policy of recycling cardboard, soda cans, pallets, coil tubes, ink cartridges, waste oil, packaging material and anything else they can reasonably recycle.  Even buildings we manufacture in are recycled.  One was a lumber yard building in the 1960’s, and another was a Minneapolis Moline dealership.

Energy Star no longer certifies shingles.  While some shingles may keep a roof cooler in summer, some climates want a warmer roof for winter. 


Metal shingles block and reflect heat in the summer, and let the snow slide off in the winter, so heat can be absorbed by the roof.

When installed properly, this product will help reduce energy costs. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics. 

eco friendly metal roofing shingles

*                                                               This portion of this assisted living building has asphalt shingles.  The snow lays on the roof, and shades the roof from the sun.

*                                                                    This portion of this assisted living building has Reinke Shakes metal shingles.  The snow slides off so the sun can warm the roof.  This saves heating cost and conserves energy.                                                                                      

Solar Test.jpg



All Coil stock for Reinke Shakes is purchased in the United States from United States factories who manufacture it in the United States.


*  Literature for Reinke Shakes is printed in Nebraska.

*  MAZE nails are 100% American made.  Maze are used on all aluminum Reinke Shakes shingles.

*  Cardboard for shipping boxes is made in Nebraska and Kansas.

*  The plastic tubes that your drip edge will be shipped in, is made in Hastings Nebraska.

*  Our web site work is done in Nebraska, USA.

*  All of Reinke Shakes’ manufacturing machinery is American made.

*  Reinke Shakes is 100% American owned.                                         


Reinke Shakes         Div. of JAME KARI LLC

Aluminum is durable, lightweight, won't rust, and has little maintenance. An excellent conductor, aluminum also has a radiant heat reflection of 94.5%. A test house with sections of the roof shingled with various materials was 19 degrees cooler under the section with aluminum shingles than it was under the fiberglass-shingled section.

Aluminum shingles will not "hold-in" the summer heat, as will an asphalt or fiberglass shingle. On a hot summer day a Reinke roof is cool when it's cloudy...or after the sun has set, a Reinke roof will cool completely within 5 minutes -- no matter what the color! This thermal control assures you of reduced cooling and heating costs when compared to other roofing materials.

Roofing shingles that last.

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