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It has been said,


" In a multitude of witnesses, there is truth."


June 28, 2021   Lackey Construction - after finishing a Geodesic Dome.

Reinke Shakes is the beautiful, durable product used here.  I love and highly recommend their aluminum shake shingles.



November, 2020    Historical Society Board Member  -  Nebraska


I love the way the Cedar Shake, Reinke Shakes look on the old church.


July 14, 2020         L. Frisch  -  Nebraska

Awesome product! Our roof still looks great after 15 years!!


April, 2020      Nebraska Roofer

The valley metal is so tough, I can not bend it in my portable break.  I have to take it to the shop and use the heavy duty one.


March, 2020    Blythe Anderson Chase

Thank you for your speedy service.  My roof is now repaired!  I love your shingles and company.  Always helpful!  My parents used your shingles to reroof their 200-year old house many, many years ago and the roof still looks great.  I used your shingles to roof my own house in the 80's, still looking great, too!  (The repair was necessary due to a skylight leak.)


August 29, 2019    Nebraska State Fair patron

I must be really old.  I have put on six, 50-year asphalt roofs during my life.  Then next roof will be metal shingles.


March 24, 2019    Teague H. Pasco

I am very happy with my new Reinke Shakes Roof! Thanks for the great customer support.


March-April 2019   Green Build and Design Magazine

"Few companies can make the bold guarantee that their shingles will remain in place even after a hurricane or tornado.  Yet Reinke is proud to assert that claim with Lifetime Shingles."   "The strength of the product's design sets the Lifetime Shingles apart from competitors."


June 18, 2018

Roofing Calculator lists Reinke Shakes as, "One of the best types of siding".


Aug. 6, 2002


Reinke Company,  We love the way our roof looks!  If anyone else is trying to shingle a dome, feel free to have them give us a call.  It was very hard work and took a long time, but if we don't have to roof again, it will be worth it.

Pam Ryan  806-866-****



1979 Popular Science = Times Mirror Magazine


They're made of manganese-alloy aluminum "work-hardened through a stucco-embossing prices" (and stamped into tight corrugations) for toughness, then coated with Flouropon, an industrial metal finish with an expected life of over 40 years.  The shakes have passed UL's leakage tests and Class B fire test, and I've seen photo documentation comparing hail damaged roofs (from stones up to 3 inches in diameter).  Only this tile escaped severe denting.  I'd bet the company's slogan - "Shingle for the last time!" - can be taken seriously.


Our test panel has weathered a long, rainy summer and a snowy winter with no trace of wear.  Even on a pitch as shallow as ours, the surface tends to be self-cleaning.  Each new rain washes off any accumulated dirt or debris, and heavy snow slips off as soon as the sun comes out to warm the metal.  Tiling our panel was a quick and easy task; of course, we had no ridge, rake, or valley treatments to fuss with.  The aluminum is predrilled, and is simple to cut to size with snips-along the corrugations.  Across them, use a power saw.



May 11, 1994      J&R Dome - Jack R.


Dear Mr. Reinke,  Thank you very much for your package of dealer oriented material we recently received.  Congratulations for re-establishing the company.

We have in the past displayed your shingles at our booth at the Colorado State Fair, the El Paso County Fair and the Colorado Springs HBA Spring Home and Garden Show.  Additionally we are listed as roofing dealers in Dome Directory and our local HBA membership roster.  And now that you are back on line, will incorporate Reinke into our booth and newspaper ads.  WE THINK OF REINKE AS THE "CADILLAC" OF DOME ROOFING MATERIAL.



California,      Walter B.


Several of the cabins around Wayne's house have your shingles.  I think that ours, in green, is the prettiest.  They are all incredibly durable and clean - they do not accumulate pine needles or snow.    Thanks,  Walter



Washington State,     Marilyn M.


We have our roof installed and IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  We hope to be able to order shingles for the other half soon, so that we can have the balance of our roof finished in the spring, so you will be hearing from us.      Thank You.



Louisiana,       Gary


I should have written you before now to tell you how really pleased I was at the results with the roof.  I am sending two photos of the house to show you how good your roof looks in Louisiana sunlight.  Also, you'll be hearing from me again soon with another order.


Thanks,  Gary



Minnesota,     Joe M. - Trustee - St. Marys Church


Dear Ms. Sorge,  Enclosed is the Reinke Shakes 50 year limited warranty, the Hintz's completed the installation on July 22, 1981.  The night the job was completed we received 4 inches of rain in less than two hours so the job was given the test right in the beginning.

We were very pleased with the professional job and the attitude of the Hintz Roofing Company.

Thank You for your assistance with regard to this job,  it will be a real pleasure for me to attend board meetings and not have the church roof on the agenda.



Tennessee,   Phila P.


We completed our roof job and it is so beautiful I just had to write to tell you.  We are so proud of it and it adds so much to our home.  Many people have already seen it.  Everyone has been amazed.



California,      Sydney H.


I have finally completed the installation of my Reinke Shake roof on the lower story of my story-and-a-half house, and IT IS THE MOST GORGEOUS ROOF IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.  I have several neighbors interested in the Reinke Shakes, especially William, he is on vacation this week, so probably won't be ordering for two weeks.  I really appreciated receiving the extra brochures and order forms and especially the sample packets of shakes.

I will be putting shakes on my second story addition next summer.  It is only 1200 square feet, so I appreciate any sales information about Battalion Grey along about income tax refund time next year, and who knows, if I can sell enough neighbors on your product, I can order even sooner.


Your completely satisfied customer,     Sydney H.



California,     Lester W.    66 1/2 years old !


I am writing this short letter to you to inform you that I finished my roof in October and I don't mind telling you that it is beautiful even if I did do it alone.  I'm as proud as a peacock the way it turned out but I'm sure glad it is over.  I've had at least a hundred people stop and admire it and I'm sure that I am the only one at North Lake Tahoe with a Reinke Shake Aluminum roof.  I even had a roofer from Truckee drive over to look at it and he couldn't believe I did it and how nice it turned out.  I'm proud of that compliment.

Right now, as I'm typing this letter it is snowing so hard that I can't see the lake and it is amazing how fast the snow slides off of the roof while other houses up here with wood shake shingles have a foot of snow on them with icicles six feet long hanging from the eves.


Sincerely,  Lester W.



Missouri,        Phil B.


The shingles went on well, and the roof looks great - the wasps can't even get into the attic.  Phyliss and I are very pleased with the spur-of-the moment color selection.  I'm sure the house will be protected for many years.



Workbench Magazine,  Sep..-Oct. 1982  by Bob Sanders


During the planning stages for this project, I learned about Reinke Aluminum Shakes.  Research into this product convinced me it was the right answer.  They provide a weathertight, long life, low upkeep roof (Reinke gives a 50 year limited warranty) with a high reflectivity of radiant heat from the sun.  They have passed the Underwriters Laboratories' water leakage test, they comply with Class B fire requirements and they won't burn, which is a plus in our area.  Each year, on 4th of July, several homes are burned from bottle rockets landing on the roof, and knowing that the dormer roof will not burn provides some peace of mind.

The shingles are designed so the corrugations fit together form row to row.  I found that in order to get the proper spacing at the shadow line, placing a shingle upside down and half lapped over each shingle in the starter row would align the shingles in the subsequent rows so they fit together smoothly.  The nail holes are predrilled, and center line and lap gauge indentations are formed in each shingle.  After the first couple of rows, installation went fairly fast.

The weather didn't wait long to give the new roof installation a good test.  It rained nearly every day for a week afterward.  One storm packed 50 mph winds with over an inch of rain in 15 minutes.  There were no leaks from either the roof or the ridge vent.         For more information about the aluminum shingles write to Reinke Shakes.

By Diana Budds
Photos by Andrew Rowat
Adventurous but subtle. Something different that doesn't scream for attention. These were the prompts John and Erika Jessen gave to architect Elijah Huge for the addition to their 1920s home in New Haven, Connecticut. With those in mind, Huge set out to find a cladding material that was both eye-catching and cost-effective. "They wanted the skin to be exciting," he says. "I thought the shingles would be a good choice because they would echo the texture of the existing house without trying to imitate it." Even better, the stamped recycled aluminum shingles cost just two dollars per square foot- on par with run-of-the-mill vinyl siding, which "wasn't an option!" exclaims Huge.
"Good design doesn't require the most expensive materials. However, it does take time to explore ideas and find innovative solutions," says Huge, who, through online sleuthing, discovered the shingles from Reinke Shakes, a Nebraska manufacturer that usually sells its product to builders of barns and geodesic domes. For a contemporary look that accentuates the visual continuity around the structure, he arranged them in a diagonal pattern rather than in a conventional series of stacks.
Thanks to its reflective surface, the extension receives soft and subtle light that gently illuminates the tree-shrouded yard and never casts a harsh glare. "It picks up the hues and intonations around it-yellow-orange in fall, gray in winter, green in summer," says Erika. " It's almost like a chameleon."
From the February 2013 issue of Dwell Magazine

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