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We use American-made, Maze, double dipped, ring-shank nails for our aluminum shingles.



These special nails are custom paint coated to match the shingles.


The copper shingles use Maze copper, ring shank, diamond point nails.

Copper nails are individual, not coil-ated.


Our Maple color coil-ated nails can also be used on copper shingles.

These are some of the nail guns you can use to install Reinke Shakes LT shingles:

Nail Guns.jpg



1.  The nails have a double dip galvanizing on them.  (years back nails used lead to seal against metal roofing)

2.  Every row of shingles is backed up with 50 mil ICE & WATER SHIELD to keep out all moisture, and the natural condensation of metal roofs.

3.  The metal shingles protect the Ice and Water Shield and shed 99.99% of the water.

4.  We use small panels.  Large sheets of metal expand and contract too much to make this system work.  The extreme changes in length compared to the structure that long panels are connected to, cause screws to elongate the holes and leak after the rubber washers fail.  In each of our shingles, the extreme distance between nails is less than 12 inches.

5.  The shingles have been in-house tested, and UL tested, and they passed intense water leakage tests by an independent testing lab.  They are UL listed.

6.  Reinke Shakes shingles were first installed in 1976.  They have stood the test of time and are still doing what a roof should do, protecting everything below it.

7.  With all the shingles that have been installed for over 40 years, we have proven, without any doubt, that this system works.

8.  On our photo gallery pages, we have photos of roofs that are several decades old.

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