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Weather Proof Aluminum Shingles

Tornado Proof shingles.  Hurricane Proof shingles. 

Reinke Shakes LT shingles are guaranteed to NEVER blow off !

* Miami-Dade Hurricane Approval # FL30521

tornado resistant aluminum shingles
Tornado Finke 1.jpg
tornado proof aluminum shingles
Tornado Proof Aluminum Shingles
Tornado Proof Aluminum Shingles

May 11, 2014 a tornado hit Beaver Crossing NE.  The house above, with Reinke Shakes, lost NO shingles, while the winds were strong enough to destroy most of the town ! 

 We mean it ! when we say, Shingle for The Last Time ! 



Reinke Shakes pass the UL 2218 Class 4 rating.

This is the highest impact rating.

A 2" steel ball is dropped from 20 feet and the roofing material must remain intact.

  (Hail stones float, a 2" steel ball does not )



As reported from Carribean Engineering & Design;


In mid September, 1995 hurricane Luis hit the North Caribbean Corridor, the St. Martin area.     Contractors said that Reinke Shakes aluminum shingles stood up to the harsh weather better than any other shingles.  While every other brand of shingle had at least a few blown completely off, of the over  95,000  Reinke Shakes shingles installed in the area, not even one was found blown off or worked loose.


Caribbean Engineering & Design, Miami FL.

Other brands of metal shingles blow off with very little wind.  These metal shingle roofs were not in tornados or hurricanes, just normal Nebraska wind.

Metal shingle failure.jpg
Metal shingle failure2.jpg
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