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American Made.  American owned.  American parts.

Made in USA for Over 45 Years !

Reinke Shakes

is a division of Jame Kari LLC, a

 Christian family owned company.

 Shingle for the Last Time with Reinke Shakes


The World's Finest Metal Shingles !

  Reinke Shakes are guaranteed for a lifetime against leakage from wind and hail.

Reinke Shakes are guaranteed to never blow off.


"A high quality roof costs less per year during it's lifetime.  Reinke Shakes are very high quality.  They purchase a heavy,  20 gauge American made coil stock, that is made of recycled American metal.  The paint coating they use is so tough that they have it baked on the coil before it is formed into a shingle.  They only use aluminum or copper, so it will NOT rust.  Reinke Shakes takes 16 inch wide stock and puts 52 bends into it for strength, compressing it to 12 1/2 inches wide.  They provide American made, ring-shank, coil nails, or optional steel screws, to secure Reinke Shakes to your home.  The nails are double zinc dipped to insure that they last as long as the shingles.  Their metal is 25% thicker than what is required in hurricane zones.  Reinke Shakes believe in quality.  They believe in doing things right the first time.  No one deserves to have their roof fail every 5 or 10 years.  Shingle once, and Shingle for The Last Time.  Invest in Reinke Shakes."

Veteran Roofer from Nebraska.

Pat S Cropped.jpg

The world's toughest metal shingles must be Reinke Shakes.  We challenge you to find another metal shingle, anywhere, that can take the weight and abuse of a semi, without damage.  

Durable Roof Shingles Company

Protect your home, and everything in it, with the best roofing shingle available.  Beautiful, strong, durable.

commercial aluminum roof shingles

RSA Building - Mobile Alabama - Reinke Copper Shingles

commercial aluminum siding

Connecticut - Reinke Natural Aluminum Shingles

Roofing shingles that last, are perfect for commercial buildings.

Reinke Shakes being used for sofit.

Aluminum Shingles Will Prepare You for Any Weather

For more than 40 years, we have manufactured heavy-duty aluminum and copper shingles for homes and businesses in all 50 states and several foreign countries. As a manufacturer of durable roof shingles, we have designed our roofing material to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, and almost anything else that Mother Nature throws at them. They’re even warrantied for wind, to never blow off, and to never leak from hail, for as long as you own your home.  Reinke Shakes will be the last shingles you’ll ever need to install.

Gld Dome Solar.jpg


Beautiful & Strong Aluminum & Copper Shingles

Since 1976, Reinke Shakes has been supplying copper and aluminum shingles to every state in the country. The shakes that we produce right here in the U.S. combine the strength and durability of metal with the sleek style of a conventional shingle. They’re also one of the most environmentally-friendly roofing options on the market today.


If you’re searching for shingles for your home or business, Reinke Shakes is the best choice for durable roof shingles.  We can supply shingles for any project size, or shape.  Custom colors are available for large orders.


To find out more about our copper and aluminum shingles company, call Reinke Shakes at 402-768-7251 today!


Water Park - Oklahoma City

Ok city Classen.jpeg

Red Cloud Nebraska - This photo was taken when the Reinke Shakes shingles were 35 years old.

Annette O 4.jpg

Deshler Nebraska 

Lib Fin Front.JPG

Catholic Church - Geneva Nebraska


Cedar Shake - Reinke Shake LT aluminum shingles, for a museum restoration.

Brick w_words 2.jpg
Hexagon shed Iowa.jpeg
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